Top Three Medicinal Foods - Summer

Top Three Medicinal Foods - Summer

One aspect of my work is to help people find foods as medicine to improve their health. I love offering new recipes, advising where to find healthy, local foods, and discussing which foods are more potent for your health than any pill on the market. There are so many amazing foods that have medicinal properties... so where to begin. I've decided to give you three every month so you don't get overwhelmed. Sneak these three into your routine for the next few weeks. When you start feeling better, then you'll be ready for more.

One person's pleasure is another's poison.

These three may not be medicinal for you! Read through the description why I might prescribe the food and see if it works for you. I promise to pick foods that are delicious, natural, and easy to find if you promise to try at least one and tell me all about it in the comments below.

Top Three Medicinal Foods

1. Brazil Nuts

I know, I know, these poor nuts are the almond's ugly stepsister, but they really are deliciously healthy. Brazil Nuts have the richest sourse of selenium, an essential mineral for thyroid health. Selenium helps the body convert T4 - thyroid hormone into the active form - T3 which boosts your metabolism and energy levels.

The highest health potential comes from soaking your nuts overnight in clean water with 1tsp sea salt and then dehydrating them until crispy,  You can rub them with olive oil and sea salt and slow roast them on the lowest oven temperature until crispy too.

Although soaked and sprouted nuts may seem like a lot of work, they are easier on the digestive system and able to be absorbed properly. A healthy dose is only two Brazil nuts a day, so refrigerate them after you've dried them, and they will last all month long.

2. Cranberries

You may recognize the benefits of cranberries as they are quite popular to treat a UTI. Unfortunately, a vodka Cosmo or Cranberry Ocean Spray is not going to cut it.  Whole cranberries however, are amazing antioxidants with a long list of benefits including clearing the bladder.

Whole cranberries may prevent urinary tract infections because they inhibit the bacteria from adhering to your cell walls. In the same manner, they may prevent the bacteria from adhering to your teeth and gums, preventing oral disease. Avoid a cranberry juice with added sugar that will feed the bacteria that you are trying to eliminate.

Science reveals that cranberries can also reduce the signs of aging such as memory loss by stimulating blood flow to the brain. If you thought cranberries were only a seasonal fruit, think again. Try my Fresh Cranberry Relish on your next grilled fish or turkey sandwich.


3. Parsley

Placing parsley on a dinner plate adds more than just a splash of color, this is one of my all-time favorite herbs to garnish a dish. Parsley is rich in vitamins A, K, C, and B, zinc, folate, and it has two cancer "killing" antioxidants, apigenin and luteolin.

Fresh parsley is far stronger than dried and is recognized as a digestive aid to ease bloating. It's high fiber content stimulates digestion, acts as a diuretic to purify toxins from the body, and helps control cholesterol levels.

Not only that, but it tastes amazing! You don't have to chomp through the sprig on the side of your plate, instead dice it finely into your dish. Or better yet, try this parsley relish I like to bring to family get together's to get the healthy party started.

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